Our Story

Created by a mountain lover, for mountain lovers

Knitted jumper, Nordic hat, down jacket and snowman, the mountain for me is a great love story...

Some may say it's strange, but I prefer winter to summer, the mountains to the beach, a chalet to a villa.

In life we often say "do something you like" and the rest will follow.
So that's what I did, I created Polar Star, because it thrills me.

I wanted to create a brand for people who are passionate about nature, the mountains and freedom.
A brand with quality products that last over time for simple people.

In the mountains, people don't take it too seriously, it's normal to go to the supermarket dressed in a ski suit and leave your skis at the entrance. I want to share my vision with these people.

I've created socks to match that vision. Cute, warm socks for a cosy winter.

Nicolas (the founder)